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Urban Eden is built by Places for People. We're one of the UK's largest property management and development companies, with almost 50 years' experience and 148,000 homes under our care.

But we're by no means just another house builder.

The first thing that makes us different is that making a profit is not our only focus. As a "not-for-dividend" organisation, with no shareholders to pay, we reinvest the money we make into our communities and use it to create more places where people are proud to live.

But what really sets us apart is our long-term commitment to the communities we create. From the day you move into your new home, we will be there for you, quietly yet effectively managing and maintaining Urban Eden, sorting out any problems that may arise, and continually looking for ways to make it an even better, more attractive, more sustainable place to live.

Ultimately, of course, the success of any development depends on the people who live there, but with Places for People on your side, you'll be living somewhere that just keeps on getting better, year after year.

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A development by Places for People
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